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Parent and two children smiling and watching something on laptop

27 Free Read-Alouds of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Picture Books

Celebrate the diversity of AANHPI experiences and voices with stories that connect us across cultures.

African American girl on a laptop smiling

It's the Black Girl Magic for Me

These selections show Black girls shining on-screen and on the page.

Reflecting on Black History as a Family

Reading and watching stories that celebrate our culture helps us remember and see ourselves.

Kid-Friendly Videos and Podcasts for Exploring Black History and Culture

Check out these free resources to spark conversations about Black artists, activists, leaders, and pioneers who have made history.

Black History Movies That Tackle Racism

These movies offer jumping-off points for conversations about injustice.

How to Talk with Kids About Racism and Racial Violence

It starts with checking in on yourself, and then listening deeply.

How to Talk to Kids About Difficult Subjects

In a world where even little kids learn about horrific subjects, it's important for parents to put things in perspective, field questions, and search for answers together.

Movies, Apps, Tips, and More to Celebrate Hispanic and Latino Culture

Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect opportunity to enrich your family's life with Latino culture, whether you want to learn Spanish, find great Latino role models, or discover Mayan history.

How to Talk About the News of Family Separations at the Border

With nonstop news and social media coverage, kids may need help understanding what's happening.