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Spider-Man: No Way Home Poster Image

Spider-Man: No Way Home

age 11+

Fun, funny, touching Spidey sequel has comic book violence.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2021)
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Spider-Man: Far from Home Poster Image

Spider-Man: Far from Home

age 11+

Fun, fast-paced sequel has some dark, dizzying violence.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2019)
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Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster Image

Spider-Man: Homecoming

age 10+

Diverse, entertaining reboot has some language, violence.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2017)
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Clown Poster Image


age 17+

Gruesome killer-clown movie is mean, unfunny, not scary.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2016)
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Cop Car Poster Image

Cop Car

age 16+

Inventive, minimalistic thriller has some bloody twists.

On DVD/Streaming (Release Year: 2015)
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